Favorite MCR Photos: Frank Iero

I may or may not be majorly in love with your blog plus your really nice and nice people are always nice to come across on tumblr.

omg thank you so much, you made me smile so much *hugs you tight*

Frank is a top because gerard's weight would crush him bc frank is short and thus smaller

Frank is bottom because then he can whine and he loves whining

Frank likes bending on stage a lot that’s why he is a bottom

Do you think that Frank tops just in general, like all the time or only in a Frerard sense?

Frank is a totally bottom except with Jamia because he likes pleasing her and kissing her when he is on top.

Fat Frank would be a power fckn top

okay maybe fat frank but whiny revenge frank and fun ghoul are totally bottoms

I just send an email to B.Calm about my package. woudnt it be something if Frank would reply omg

Frank tops

the only top thing frank is is being the topping of my ice cream

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