Gerard Way’s Spider-Man Has Been Revealed



Gerard Way’s spider man is titled Edge Of Spider-Verse #5 and features a spider-girl, Peni Parker. Read details from Marvel below.

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Chapter 10


Chapter 10

Hey I really love your blog and when I'm sad. (Which is a lot ) I stalk your blog I hope that's OK. :)

omg thank you so much! I feel honoured and I’m so glad it makes you feel better in some way i guess *hugs you*

Your art is amazing, I wish I had your talent :3

omg thank you so much ;__;  *hugs you*

Hi umm a while back you posted a pic of you in fun ghoul stuff and I wanted to know if you had any tips on where to find the vest and or shirt. Thank you and Sorry for bothering you. :)

the ghoul vest still in the mcr store! (US store, also it’s on sale now!) and the shirt i used was one of the mcr shirts they sold. but i think if you just look for like a baseball shirt with yellow sleeves you already look a lot like Ghoul. but yeah! I would say check the site and get the vest for as long as it’s still there.


I love this man so fucking much